i just want y’all to humor me for a minute

au where sarge really is grif’s dad


listened to some rvb, can’t not doodle 

who you really were
or who i remembered you to be

—alianity 0245 (x)

i don’t care if i’m a hero.

i don’t care if i’m a hero.


i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining 


Dragon age: origins

Dragon age: awakening

Dragon age: inquisition

Dragon age: Miami

Dragon age: Special Victims Unit

actually i have 10.44 left on my steam gift card my sister gave me for my birthday and the first witcher game is 9.99 i think i’ll get it.

someone recced the witcher series tome a while while back.

might look into purchasing it. with the money i don’t have.


That’s why I had to call you garbage a second time just now.